Developing the stories that make an entrepreneur’s values and ideas stand out

By Megan Farnsworth, Owner, DEBORA Creative

No matter the medium, I love telling stories. The goal of connecting with others and communicating an overall vision and purpose is something I experience deep in my bones. When it comes to cultivating a brand, envisioning its message is a listener’s study in piecing together values and narrative so that a powerful mission statement or value proposition emerges. Making these ideas stand out also requires creativity.

I’m not originally from Prescott, but I’m grateful to have built my business here. Within the heart of Prescott, there’s an entrepreneurial spirit that inspires many to be bold. To say I’m thrilled to be an active contributor to this evolving landscape is an understatement. I’m excited about Prescott’s future because women are increasingly its leaders in business.

According to the news website The Hill, women-owned businesses account for 40 percent of all small businesses in the United States. Arizona’s Economy, a publication of the Economic and Business Research Center at the University of Arizona, reports that in 2012, women owned 36.5 percent of the businesses in Arizona. These numbers continue to grow. The fact that our state is also expanding in diversity, says Arizona ABC 12 News, promises a bright future for Arizona women of all demographics.

With Phoenix being the fifth largest city in the United States, Prescott is in a perfect position for growth and opportunity. It’s exciting to see just how much more our city can shine.

In Prescott alone, I have owned and managed multiple businesses. It’s truly stunning to witness the vision for a business as it begins at square one and blossoms into a benefit for others and our economy. It’s an experience I love to share with others because branding is much more than a logo or color scheme. Branding is the heartbeat that drives everything in a business — from marketing to how the business takes its customers through its unique operations. The values we generate during the branding process should influence each decision and action you take in your business, and I look forward to journeying with you soon.

Meghan Farnsworth is the owner of DEBORA Creative, a revolutionary branding and marketing agency. From Nanke Signature Group to BEND Hot Yoga Studios, she has helped Prescott businesses thrive through comprehensive branding and marketing strategies.

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