Penelope’s Salon Boutique Offers Barbara Denney Permanent Cosmetics

Through Penelope’s Salon & Boutique, Penny Clark Denney is carrying on the mission and legacy of her mother-in-law Barbara Denney. Longtime residents will remember Barbara, one of the first to offer permanent cosmetics in the Prescott area when she moved here in 1994. Penny is working to fill the hole left in the permanent cosmetics community when Barbara passed away in 2019.

How do permanent cosmetics work?

Micropigmentation (aka permanent cosmetics) is a procedure that introduces natural pigment into the skin. Using a micro-sized sterile probe, a highly trained professional implants color into the uppermost dermal layer of the skin. The process shouldn’t be confused with standard tattooing, which is more aggressive and would be inappropriate for the delicate tissue of the face.

A certified permanent cosmetics professional uses autoclave sterilization, new disposable needles, latex gloves, and FDA-tested hypoallergenic color pigments. Shades are mixed individually for each person following the consultation.

You may be surprised by how comfortable you feel during the procedure. A topical anesthetic keeps the sensation to a minimum. Each procedure takes approximately one hour. Some clients have had eyebrows applied during their lunch break and have gone immediately back to work.

After the initial procedure is complete, a client will schedule a follow-up visit for approximately one month later.  This allows an evaluation to see if any touch-up is necessary after all sloughing of the skin is complete and the pigment is settled. We will also check color, shape, and style and take an “after” photo. Each person’s skin is different, and most will not need this touch-up. There is no extra charge for this correction visit.

The objective of the procedure is to restore what was once there, raising self-esteem and self-confidence and allowing for more activity.  Both women and men are experiencing the positive results of these procedures.

What are the services available?


When we are working in the eyebrow area, we do the dots and strokes in the direction of the natural hairs so that you have a smooth blend.  This may be done on brows that have no hairs, or as fill-in for skimpy brows.


Micro Pigment Implantation is perfect for eyeliner. The pigment is placed in the lash line and can be a subtle and natural looking as a client wants, or dark and dramatic.

Lip Color

We use a range of natural-looking colors from rosy pink to coral, to copper or rust tones. This can be done in the form of an outline, or lip liner, or as full lip color.  It is an ideal way to create a new lip line or fix or straighten an uneven lip line.  You may still add lipstick any time you want, and you are not “stuck” with only the color you select for your permanent lip liner or color.

For more information or to book your appointment reach out to Penelope’s Salon Boutique at 928-443-5000 or visit 450 W. Goodwin Street in Prescott.