SMARTgirls Resale Fashion: A Place Where YOU Can Feel Comfortable

By Katie Chatham

Since taking ownership of SMARTgirls Resale Fashion in Prescott Valley in February 2019, Terri Harrington has spent her time and energy creating a space that reflects who she is: SMARTgirls is family owned and founded on faith.

“We are more than just a retail space,” Terri said. “We are here so that every woman can feel comfortable.”

In addition to a few subtle changes to the store, Terri has made organizational additions to the consignment process. She foresees these additions helping everyone involved, from consigner to processor to shopper and new owner.

This past August it became new standard procedure that all consigners make an appointment with a SMARTgirls consignment specialist. “This really helps to streamline the process and get the consigners’ items on the floor for sale so much faster,” Terri explained, adding, “There are many ways to help the process move even faster!”

Terri shared the following consignment tips:
“First, it is so helpful if the clothes have been ironed and are free of hair,” she said.

Run items over with a lint roller and be sure to rid them of any wrinkles. This will get your items out on the floor so much faster.

“Next, we appreciate items brought in on hangers. It will also save time.”

Things that sell well and will be accepted:

“There are several brands that do wonderfully here,” Terri shared.

Coldwater Creek, Chico’s, Worthington, Christopher & Banks, Cabi, and Westbound are very popular and sought-after brands sold at SMARTgirls. Tops and blouses always sell well, as do embellished denim and designer handbags like Michael Kors and Coach.

Brands and items SMARTgirls won’t accept:

“Fast Fashion,” she said, “things like Rue21 and Forever 21, we are no longer taking.” Another thing Terri warned to look out for is “pilling,” those annoying little balls of fabric that form in the folds of clothing. If your item has this, it won’t be taken either.

Terri also shared some great advice for shoppers looking for a great price on designer brands. She said, “Look for our clearance sale dates and use the markdown guide!”

The guide will note items on sale for 25%, 50%, and 75% off throughout the store. SMARTgirls has a regular sale every second and fourth Saturday, the “3, 5, 75 Sale,” which includes a $3 rack, a $5 rack, and a 75% off rack. “High-end” items (noted by Terri as items which would sell regularly for $50 or more in the store) are frequently marked down to 50% off, “So keep an eye out for that when shopping as well!”

Terri has done a beautiful job reflecting the heart of SMARTgirls in bringing about the sense of comfort women want. She is continuing to create a space where women can find the best fashion at affordable costs. She keeps helping women close to her heart and is able to use the shop as a way to help local non-profits. Any clothing that does not sell and doesn’t get returned to the consigner is donated to Coalition for Compassion and Justice as well as the CASA Senior Center.

Terri shared, “I feel like I have put my fingerprint on SMARTGirls, and we are here to make all women feel comfortable.”

SMARTgirls Resale Fashion is at 6616 E. 2nd St. Suite F in Prescott Valley. Call 928.772.1227 or visit for more information.