Local health and life coach specializes in helping her clients change their lives and reach their goals

By Joanna Nellans

If you’re struggling to meet some of your goals, maybe all you need is a coach who helps you organize the concrete steps along your path.

Holistic Health and Life Coach Kristen Dicker created her “Blooming Into You: Coming Home to Your True Self” business so she can be that helping hand.

“Transformation can happen on a deeper level when we have someone holding up a mirror to ourselves,” Kristen said. “I help take you from where you are now to where you want to be.”

“I’m a holistic health coach because body, mind and soul are all connected.”

For example, she said, unacknowledged emotional stress can eventually lead to health problems.

“I help people get down into their subconscious limiting beliefs that are kind of running the show,” Kristen explained. “I root them out so they can move forward with healthier habits that can actually last.”

Kristen customizes her coaching to each client’s needs.

One client with weight issues wanted to get her diet under control but didn’t have the tools to do it. Dicker led her through a Four-Day Energy Experiment to test various foods and see how they made her feel afterward. The client lost weight and gained a better understanding of the foods that are best for her – and a sense of control over food and her life.

“She was so happy. She hadn’t moved the scale for many years and finally, it was happening,” Kristen related.

Kristen also helps people meet goals they set with their health care providers. She works with them in longer practical sessions between brief wellness checkups.

“It fills a much-needed gap in the healthcare industry,” she said.

Kristen’s interest in the relationships between health and mind dates back to her childhood.

“As a child, I remember always making a connection in certain people who had a lot of emotional pain and correlating health issues. It just made common sense to me from a young age that if they would take care of the emotional pain, they might be healthier,” she recalled.

Kristen initially worked as a medical writer and editor, then earned a master’s in Health Care Communication.

She always had a passion for health, nutrition, and psychology. So she completed coaching courses in transformational life and health, empowered wellbeing, functional nutrition, and trauma.

“I feel my coaching offers my clients a very well-rounded, compassionate, and comprehensive experience,” Kristen said.

The client testimonials on the Blooming Into You website reveal that Kristen chose the right path.

Learn more at bloomingintoyou.com, where you can also find Dicker’s Facebook and Instagram pages, podcast, and contact information, and set up a complimentary discovery call.