An easy trail with great views

Spence Basin is finally becoming official. With a rich history as a web of popular but “unofficial” mountain biking trails, this area off Iron Springs Road is benefitting from some organization, thanks to local trails crews.

To access the West Side Story Trail, a relatively easy, two-and-a-half-mile ride, park on the left side of Iron Springs Road where it intersects with Trail 332. The West Side Story Trail flows along the west side of the Spence Basin Area, offering views of Thumb Butte and Granite Mountain, and winding in and out of the trees and boulders that provide plenty of shade.

The trail climbs a short distance and then heads downhill and crosses the creek. It then winds through the pines for about two miles. It ends at the Water Line Trail, which riders can follow east for about another mile to get back to the 322, where a left turn will get them back to the parking lot. This route is a mellow four-and-a-half miles… and it’s not the only option for a great ride in the Spence Basin Area.

There are miles of new trials to explore, and miles more still in progress, which means riders who want to get lost in Spence Springs have plenty of options. Most of the trails intersect the 332 at some point. Due to the large amount of old, unofficial social trails in this area it’s easy to end up on one of the unmarked trails (most of which have been blocked off to prevent confusion).

The best was to navigate this area is to stay on marked trails. If you come to an intersection you are unsure of, take the path MOST traveled, and remember which side of the 332 you are on. The 332 of Javelina Trail is a wide, old, almost graded, dirt road that leads back to the parking area if you head towards Granite Mountain. This is has always been a popular mountain biking area, and promises to become even more so. It belongs to hikers and equestrian users as well, so share the trail and follow etiquette.

The Prescott Mountain Bike Alliance offers group rides for all ages and skill levels, including weekly rides for girls, guys, and everyone. This is a great opportunity to explore the trails, make new friends, brush up on skills, and take advantage of the amazing local riding community.