Service Chair, Prescott Area Young Professionals

When I was a girl I would put on plays for my parents in the basement. I inhaled books constantly and loved creative writing. I had a wild imagination and would watch movies that captured my imagination, over and over again, like The Swiss Family Robinson and The Sound of Music.

I was a storyteller and over the years my creative imagination eventually developed into a meaningful career. I earned my degree in Communications, with an emphasis in Public Relations, from the University of Northwestern, St. Paul. I immediately dove into the world of Marketing with internships at local city government, a chamber of commerce, and a global PR firm, before permanently joining the marketing team of a national distribution company.

My passion was found in crafting compelling narrative that would cement an entity in the minds of its audience. It blossomed into principles and practices that have allowed me to help organizations define their identity, raise awareness of their brand, and engage their audience.

My husband and I moved from Minnesota to Prescott in 2012 so he could pursue his career in aviation. I sought to get connected with our local community and was delighted to join Yavapai Humane Society in 2014. I served as the organization’s Marketing & Development Director and relished every minute working for such a worthy cause (if you’re an animal lover, join the Humane Society on May 19 for their Walk for the Animals!). Working side by side with dedicated people who shared the mission of protecting pets in need, we were able to accomplish so much.

Recently, I wanted to use my passion for strategic communication and marketing to help others.  I took a leap, leaving the Humane Society in very capable hands, and began consulting for local and out of state businesses.

I am so privileged to remain connected to the life of charitable service through Prescott Area Young Professionals as their Service Coordinator. Our group is committed to making a positive impact on the community through volunteering and donating to many wonderful local causes. I’m intensely proud of the difference, we as young professionals, make for the Prescott area each year.