A tented event offers flexibility, safety and the ability to make it completely YOURS!

By Krysta Gornick, owner, Verve Events & Tents

Out-of-the-box brides looking for a unique and breathtaking venue, consider hosting your wedding in a gorgeous tent from Verve Events & Tents! Tented weddings offer so many great features and benefits, including flexibility, endless décor possibilities, and protection from the elements.

Space Flexibility

Unless every single person on your guest list remembers to RSVP, you may not know exactly how many people will show up to your wedding until days before you say, “I do.” This is especially true now with the pandemic; travel restrictions, group size regulations, and quarantine changes have left all of us with so many unknowns.

Thankfully, tents allow you to be flexible. Should you choose to hold your festivities in a tent, you will not have to worry about your changing group size. Simply reduce or grow your tent to accommodate your guest count. Verve Events & Tents allows for changes as late as one week prior to your event.

Also, tents for events can be made roomy enough to meet even the strictest of social distancing guidelines and also boast wide-open spaces with no walls for open airflow. Plus, their walls are not permanent. Should they need to be closed or opened to allow for the comfort of guests, it’s a simple fix.

A Blank Canvas

Imagine throwing a particular-themed party or an extravagant wedding ceremony. You have the vision in your head—you just need to make it come to life. A permanent structure with a pre-existing layout and color scheme may mean you have to make sacrifices when decorating. However, when using tents for events, you will have a perfect blank canvas to start with for décor and layout.

Bring your vision to life. Meet with a Verve Events & Tents Wedding Rental Specialist who can transform your masterpiece, creating a customized tent and event layout so your day is exactly what you want it to be.

Protection from the Elements

Northern Arizona has a great climate for outdoor events, but if you’re not prepared, all types of weather can wreak havoc on your big day. However, if you plan for a tent from Verve, then you and your guests will be protected at all times.

Your tent rental will act as:

  • A shade from the sun and all its damaging effects.
  • A way to warm up from the cold.
  • A shelter from the storm.

Tent rentals can be customized to include climate control. If you choose this, then no matter how cold or hot it is outside, the temperature inside your tent will be just perfect for your happy guests.

So consider getting out of the box with your venue choice and wow your guests with an “in-the-tent” event!

Verve Events & Tents is owned and operated by an Event Rental family in the Verde Valley. Since 1979, they’ve helped make thousands of successful events! Check them out at www.VerveEventsAndTents.com or call for a free wedding consultation 928.649.9501.